Britain United

Delivering major industry profits back into the pockets of the people of Britain.

Rewarding local people for supporting local business, local tradesman and local economies.

Support Local

Every business member receives mass local advertising, customer support and new innovative products to increase income.

Members fees develop British owned innovation and opportunity.

Small businesses, tradesman. staff and customers all benefit from "People Profit".

Local Business Local People

Generating People wealth

Working for every resident.


Secondary income

Personal incentive for supporting Britain`s economy.


supporting local

Uniting local communities. The British network that matters.


Backing British

British innovation designed to benefit every resident.

Free for Britain`s residents

Your Britain - your profit

Every resident backing Britain`s economy must share in the profits of our major industry and innovation.

Support local small businesses and sole traders to receive free PreBit tokens and secondary income through Britain`s innovative companies giving 75% of all profits back to the people.

United we can target inequality, securing jobs, reduce the cost of living and increase individual wage and wealth.

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funding communities

Nationwide projects will deliver funds back to local small business, local people and local charities.

Britain united, innovating new major industry profit share for every resident.

Community Membership

  • Signup your business.
  • List your employees.
  • Each employee receives monthly PreBit incentive.
  • Your business receives mass local advertising.
  • Members fees grow Britain`s major industry.
  • Exchange PreBit for cash or spend at member businesses.

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Local Business Local People